We are so happy that you reached this point and excited to hear more about your thoughts on technology scouting
It will most likely take you anywhere from 5-10 minutes to complete the process. Please take your time and let yourself reflect on the things that matter the most for your business right now. 

Have fun
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Tell us why you believe that technology scouting is valuable for your company?

Eg. Our industry is changing fast and we see disruptions occur on a daily basis. We wish to stay ahead of this development.

The more you tell us, the better we help you.
Now tell us something about the theme or technology areas that you would like to explore with your technology scouting project.

Eg. Machine Learning, Big Data, Analytics. Try to stay focused on a few areas where you feel there is a connection.
Define some parameters to frame the search process

Eg. Geography: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Size of investment: Max 10.000.000 Euro. Size of team: Max 10 people. 

And don't worry, we will talk much more about this during a call.
Describe the best possible outcome.

Eg. We would like to find a Scandinavian startup that works with Machine Learning and Big Data analytics. The acquisition needs to stay below 10 million Euro and the team should not exceed 10 people.

This can sometimes be difficult to describe since there could easily be many possible outcomes that would work for you. Just give it your best shot.
How do you prefer to continue the process?

For our records, please provide your name, first and last

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